Monday, May 26, 2008

Latvians disappointed with all political parties, including the opposition

The May opinion poll on how people would vote now, from Latvijas Fakti:

Harmony Centre 10.4%
Farmers and Greens 6%
People's Party 5.5%
Latvia First Party/Latvia's Way (LPP/LC) 5.1%
Civic Union (Kalniete and Kristovskis) 4.3%
For Human Rights in United Latvia 3.6%
New Era Party 3.6%
Štokenbergs-Pabriks party 3.5%
Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK 2.9%
total for all parties 52%
undecided or would not vote 48%

The coalition remains unpopular, as it has been for at least a year. Two months ago, it looked like the newly founded Kalniete-Kristovskis and Štokenbergs-Pabriks parties might gain support. But, now, they are losing voters as well. Apparently, not too many people share my enthusiasm for the Civic Union. And supporting the popular referendum for increase in retirement benefits has not helped Štokenbergs' and Pabriks' popularity much.

At some point, some political movement will be able to earn the trust of Latvian voters. But I really don't know how, what type of political movement or how many years in the future that will be...

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