Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More numbers!

Opinion poll numbers, this time. The voting intentions of Latvians, according to Latvijas Fakti:
Saskanas Centrs (Harmony Centre) 10.8%
Jaunais Laiks (New Era) 7.8%
ZZS (Farmers and Greens) 6.2%
Tautas Partija (People's Party) 5.1%
PCTVL 4.5%
The most telling is this comparison:
all parties combined 48.8%
"would not vote" or "undecided/none of the above" 51.2%
One of our pollsters noted that we have not seen as big percentage of undecided voters since 1995. Back then, the main Latvian bank (Banka Baltija) was bankcrupt, people's savings were gone and country's economy was still in shambles after a difficult post-Soviet transition.

Right now... people's everyday lives are fine, the economy is great in short term (I have my doubts about medium/long term perspectives and I've written about those in detail on this blog... but the possible problems are not showing up in everyday life yet). Yet, the political elite looks progressively dysfunctional... and it's not like the opposition looks much better than the coalition, either (click here for the latest example of that).

In a weird way, it looks like what US is going through... people are fine themselves but a lot of them don't trust any side of the political divide... neither Bush nor Democrats.