Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ice Hockey World Championships

We won 3-0 against Slovenia last night. For those hockey fans who stayed awake for 2:15am TV broadcast from Canada, it was a nervous experience.

For first 30 minutes, Latvia outplayed Slovenia completely. Once, the commentator misspoke "Latvia has one minute left on its powerful" during a Slovenian powerplay. It was an understandable mistake - Latvia was attacking more than Slovenia, even when we had one less man on the ice.

After 30 minutes, shots on goal were 23-5 in Latvia's favor. But the scoreboard was still 0-0. Slovenian goalie saved him team a lot of times. Our team hit the goalpost at least twice. Our team was awarded a penalty shot, which we missed...

Then, Slovenian defender pulled Guntis Galvins down on the ice with his stick. Our team got the second penalty shot of the game and they finally scored. One minute later, another goal. 2-0 Latvia.

The second half of the game looked less lopsided. Slovenia started attacking more and they got some scoring chances. But Latvia was still the better team on the ice. At the end, it was 3-0, with the last goal going into empty net 28 seconds before the end of the game.

Now, Latvia moves on to the 2nd round and Latvian fans are preparing for one more 2:15am broadcast from Canada (as well as two games at more reasonable times).

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