Friday, February 08, 2008

Latest inflation numbers (January 2008)

Latvia: 15.8%/year.
Estonia: 11%/year.
Russia: 12.6%/year.
Ukraine: 19.4%/year.

On everyday level, I have seen the price of beer or coffee going up by 25% in more than one eatery in the last few weeks. (The food prices are probably up as well but the changes are harder to figure out, since I don't order the same things every time.)

I'm usually on the optimistic side, when it comes to the outlook for the future but, in these numbers, I simply can't find anything positive... And the fact that Latvia is not the only country going through this, is not a consolation (although it does disprove "the inflation is Kalvitis' fault" nonsense that is popular in Latvia).

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