Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How complicated company names can you make?

Someone at "Heidelberga" (a Latvian law firm) felt like doing something amusing. And they decided to change the name of their firm to... "Viss mainījies skaļi klusēja migla virs pļavām aiz upes un jenotiņš to sajuta tik skaidri ka aizrāvās elpa un nosvīda uz ceļgaliem rātni uzliktās ķepiņas".

In translation: "Everything has changed loudly quiet fog over meadows on the other side of the river and racoon felt it so clearly that lost breadth and the paws put calmly on knees sweated".

Uzņēmumu reģistrs (the Latvian authority responsible for registering companies) did not like the joke and refused the name change. According to them, a 25-word name is too long for a company and, in any case, free-format poetry is not appropriate in this setting.

If they had allowed the name change, the courtroom reports would have become a lot more amusing...