Thursday, October 25, 2007

(Rare) praise for Kalvitis government

Yesterday's Financial Times had a half-page article on Page 2 about Latvia's political situation. It had a large picture of last week's protest near parliament, a summary of issues around Loskutovs and other things one would expect.

What surprised me was this evaluation of Kalvitis' government policies on inflation and economic overheating, by David Orchard of Moody's rating agency:
They have done enough. For many years it was all talk and no action. Finally they are doing something.
It coincides with what I think. After a massive criticism from both Latvian press and international financial organizations, Kalvitis' government is starting to get its economic policies right. In a month or two, Kalvitis will likely be gone and Latvia will have a new government. I hope the new government keeps doing the right things, as far as economy is concerned.

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