Thursday, October 11, 2007

Notes from Latvia

Some observations from a few weeks back in Riga:
  • Traffic is much worse. 5 years ago, I could get home without traffic jams easily. Not any more.
  • Same about (intercity) buses and trains. In July, Aleks had a post on how he spent 3 hours standing on overfull bus from Riga to Ventspils. I thought "he had an extraordinarily bad experience". No, I now have to think carefully which bus to take... so that I don't end up with a similar experience myself.
  • Everyone is complaining about inflation being at 11%... but it seems that people are spending more rather than less. They are driving more, travelling more and so on...
  • It looks like Riga has substantially more small children than a few years ago. In a future post with numbers, I'll discuss what is happening to Latvian birthrates...
And our political disputes and scandals are getting really bad, but I don't even feel like talking about them... I will write about that, but not today.

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