Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Added to the blogroll

Window on Eurasia, by Paul Goble, one of best Eastern Europe experts in United States.

I grew up reading translations of Goble's opinion columns in Diena newspaper. I was really glad to discover that he now has a weblog and posts almost daily!

Some posts I particularly recommend:
- Russia’s Second Post-Soviet Generation Very Different from First - the first generation is people who came of age in 1990s, the second in 2000s and the values of the two generations differ quite a bit. After reading this, I wonder if the same trends can be seen in Latvia as well.
- Ethnic Russian regions nurture seccessionist ambitions and Regional Identity Trumps Ethnicity, RF Patriotism in Siberia- about the possibility that some parts of Russia may secede in the future.
- How the Chuvash ‘Discovered’ America – And Other Notions from New Russian Textbooks - some very strange ideas have made their way into Russian schools.

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