Thursday, July 26, 2007

Misbehaving tourists

This story has been all around the Latvian news for the last few days and now it starts showing up in English-language media as well:

Well, flashing one's private parts in public is a bad idea, even if one is not wearing a kilt. And flashing them in another country, on the steps of that country's most important monument... that's much worse.

And that's what happened. A drunk Scottish tourist flashed passers-by near the Freedom Monument in Riga, Latvia.

Latvia has had a major influx of tourists in last few years. Hundreds of thousands of them every year. And there is a tiny number of them that would do something as outrageous as this. But, if it happens, it makes news in Latvia. And Latvian public is fairly sensitive to such misbehaviour, particularly if it involves the Freedom Monument...

British embassy did a "Responsible Tourism" campaign this spring but it appears that people who listen to "Responsible Tourism" campaigns are mostly the ones who would behave responsibly anyway...