Thursday, May 31, 2007

Latvia has a new president

Today, the Latvian parliament elected Valdis Zatlers as the next Latvian president. 9 days ago, Zatlers was a respected medical doctor and a complete political unknown. Then, he emerged as the compromise candidate of the four-party coalition government and, in July, he will take office as the next Latvian president.

Here are some of my past posts on Zatlers: The basic facts about him, and about the supposed scandal with Zatlers receiving undeclared payments from his patients. And, now, some quotes from people who know Zatlers (my translation from this Latvian-language source):

Bertrams Zarins, clinical professor, Harvard Medical School:
I have very positive opinion of Valdis Zatlers being the candidate for presidency. I have known him very well and for a very long time. Among others, he stands out as very capable, very well regarded and always patriotic. [...] I don't know about his knowledge of politics but I am sure he will learn everything quickly.
Nora Ikstena, Latvian writer:
Valdis Zatlers is a men with wonderful work experience who has saved many lives. From how he communicates, it is clear that he is ready to serve Latvia. [...] I have a gut feeling that, after going through all these political battles, Valdis Zatlers may develop into much more modern, democratic and charismatic president that Aivars Endzins [the other candidate] would be.
I hope they are right!

And, as a sign of Zatlers' victory, I'm changing the background colour of this blog to orange for the next 4 years... OK, this part is a joke.

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Read this. Ozolins pretty much says what I've been thinking -- only much better.